Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A week in Kuala Lumpur

When it rains it pours in KL. One moment the sun in shining and the next.... Driving is not easy I imagine but the locals are used to it. Since the city is divided into pockets the only way to get around is by Car or public transport. There are few footpaths, no bicycle lanes and the public transport system is underdeveloped to put it kindly.

longtime friend and colleague Peter Long runs the Polgar chess academy together with his wife Luisa and between meals I was allowed to torture some of the students.

Interest in Chess is quite high and increasing in Malaysia. The benefits to the minds of youngsters are well known and being increasingly documented. On the weekend the centre was full of young minds eager to learn so by the time Saturday evening arrived we were all very hungry. The choice of restaurant was left up to Sarah. "Fatty Crab" of course.

Luisa, Peter and I raised no objections.

There is not much available except crab (chicken wings) but that is superb. Unfortunately for Peter he had to spend half the time de-shelling crab for Sarah :-)

Another great way to spend a few hours, especially if the weather is not perfect, is strolling around one of the many modern air-conditioned Malls. Now the Malls here are like little cities. If you were to live in an adjoining apartment you could work, go to the Gym, shop, eat, visit doctor, dentist, whatever. I am sure you would never have to leave the building to have a rich, fulfilled life. You could even play Chess! This Mall is the Venue for the Malaysian open every year!

Time to go out and take some more pictures for you.


  1. Alex, Welcome to Malaysia :)
    BTW, the pictures do not show.

  2. SUnday 9/25 pictures showing now !!

  3. Hi Alex,
    1. Good job on selling Kuala Lumpur!
    2. I come from the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland..... and there's a dialogue ritual between generations - it goes like this: Adult, "What happens when you turn 5?" Child, "When I turn 5, I pick my own crabs!" Now I'm ready to hop a plane for the east.
    3. Post again; those of us who travel vicariously through you are antsy.
    4. I hope you're well.