Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ruth Coxhill Memorial round 6

I can honestly say that my young opponent played like a grandmaster this evening. Exactly like a particular grandmaster in fact. If you look at my second round game from Naujac sur Mer this year you will see GM Dorian Rogozenko making the same mistake (not playing 5. d4 ) and suffering the same fate. Also neither player resigned too early.


  1. Was this line played to demonstrate a good reason to take a knight unprovoked in the opening? :-)

  2. Yes :-) Seriously though, black gets some compensation for the loss of the bishop pair and the tempo...not to mention the queenside light square weaknesses. Whites pawn structure is damaged. White must play d4 and then I don't know who is better or why but am happy to play the position with both colours.