Monday, 13 February 2012

Armenians in Wonderland

Oz is indeed a land of wonder. Standing on the corner in Broadbeach we had the choice of several good restaurants, a Japanese, a Thai, an Italian but we chose an Indian, the Saffron. If Australia survives 2012 we will be like Noah's Ark. A taste of every culture on Earth. 

left to right:  my arm, Peter Happy, David Esmonde, Annette Caoili, Levon Aronian, 3/4 of Sergei Movsesian.

It was at the Saffron that we saw off our Armenian friends Sergei and Lev. Noticing the lack of Armenian restaurants in Australia they are now going to an undisclosed location to open one up.

Lev also used the opportunity to sharpen his game by training with Gold Coast IM Peter Happy. Without a chess clock you say? Au contraire mon ami! If you look closely you will see a mobile phone behind the glass of water. If you have an Android phone you can simply download the Social Chess app and blitz away.

Our training methods here are unique. Pineapple, beach and uneven surface. Once you can play on rocks a table is a piece of cake.

I was feeling "artistically inspired" on this day. While local Guru Justin was updating Peter on the "Rocky Cove Gambit" I thought I'd take some pics from the surf. Unfortunately I forgot to heed the words of my favourite song from my currently favourite band "Never turn your back on the Sea"

Next week I'll tell you if Samsung mobiles are salt-water resistant.

If you too want to visit Whites beach just take the Broken Head Rd, turn right at the 7 mile beach sign and park at one of the un-signposted parking spots on the dirt road, take the track that looks like it leads nowhere and hope its the right one. Or if you know Justin ask him.

Whites beach was however only our second swim of the day. Our first was at Lake Ainsworth near Lennox Heads. Lennox markets are nestled between the beach and the lake. While we were swimming a busker was playing Spanish guitar in the background. Magic.

We also saw someone taller than Peter :)

Leaving the house is not a problem. When you have Giant Kookaburras guarding your house you've got nothing to worry about. That is not a miniature tractor!

And at night the specially trained Guard-roos look after the house. Here an adult is training a Joey.
That's all from the wonderful land of OZ for today.

 If you are in the area and would like to play a Chess tournament there is one in Coolum this weekend. Info here
I will not play mainly because titled players are not "encouraged" but might go as a journalist.
Toodles :)


  1. What frighteningly large birds!

  2. Want to hear them sing?

  3. Interesting birds, and also the kangaroo. Very nice country!