Saturday, 7 April 2012

Angels and Demons

It is never the big names at the Bluesfest that I enjoy the most. Wandering around the minor stages (there are five in all) one can come across incredible music. First an Angel, Renee Simone of the Blackbirds sang one of my favourite songs, little wing. They are locals! (Byron Bay)

There is also a buskers tent for the up and comers and there were a couple of little Angels performing here. One day these girls will be playing on the main stages, after several more years of school. If memory serves me right they go by the name "Silkin River"

Music is not the only art-form on display. This little artist is no more than three years old I'm sure!

Now for the Demon

Joanne Shaw Taylor is wicked on the Guitar. I have been trying to upload a Video I took last night for over an hour now and since the quality is probably not great as usual, here is a Youtube link.

The NBN can't come fast enough for me....sigh...

I then went to listen to John Fogerty but after a few songs I was feeling quite unwell. After being in the sun for 10 hours I must have got sunstroke. A very unpleasant feeling but I seem to have almost recovered. Anyway, time to go listen to "Slightly Stoopid", a recommendation by my Chess Grasshopper Jeff :-) Whose move is it anyway?

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