Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Girls and Atanu's Brilliancy

Queensland Girls Interschool Final

Friday I had the pleasure of watching "my girls" compete. They stormed ahead early scoring 12/12 in the first three rounds and looked set to take the title but a loss in the second last round allowed the Somerset team to take a narrow lead. Of course the last game to finish decided the event. Stephanie Kay of Somerset College won solidly and took the gold with an individual performance of 7/7.

Anastasia, Jane, Penny and Abbey (silver with 6/7) were a bit disappointed to finish second but soon recovered enough to pose for a photo with their medals.

Meanwhile the Somerville senior team won by a margin of 6 (!!) points with the top two boards making 7/7. Somerset were second.

And here, the victorious Somerset junior team. Detailed results can be found here.

Lahiri Brilliancy

Atanu Lahiri is an Indian IM, chess administrator, coach and organiser. This game that he played below is sensational. I was not able to upload the Video in Nepal but have now ironed out the kinks ( I hope) and would like to share it with you. Enjoy.

Did Atanu get his inspiration here on Mt Kalinchowk? Probably.


  1. "the position demands that you should play for checkmate"

    Well said.

  2. Great photos in this post. Thanks, Alex.

  3. Very nice attack. Another instructive counter to "you'll never get mate with a knight on f8" - just sac a piece to send it somewhere else!