Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Life in Paradise


Strange, the things that can affect one strongly, bring back memories of childhood or just inspire. This morning I was advised by a local Byron surfer to go to Tallows beach instead of my regular spot, Wategoes. There was a northerly blowing and that meant that the waves were best at Tallows according to Bobby, who migrated to Australia from Canada decades ago for the surfing and lifestyle in Byron. Bobby had already been surfing at 5am as he does every morning.

Well the waves were spectacular. They were breaking left and right from a sandbar at just the right height and speed for body-surfing. Although I go to the beach as often as possible I have not experienced waves like today for decades!
And this is what brought the childhood memories back. When I first got to Australia in 1972 my parents lived on Tamarama beach in Sydney. I still remember, clear as day, when I first arrived directly from the airport and saw the beach from our window. I was so mesmerized that after a while my mother told me to just go down there because I was not listening to anything or anybody anyway. I think I was out the door before the had finished the sentence. After several hours my grandmother came looking for me in a panic as I had never learnt to swim. Since I am still here I must have learned quickly :-)
Music is another speciality of the Shire (Byron Bay) and on Saturday I got to see Rapskallion, currently my fave band, at the Byron Bay Brewery.

This is the title song from their latest Album, Vagabond King

And this is the encore band presentation, the last song of the night.

All these hedonistic activities are tempering my regret at not being able to play in the Australian Open in Sydney. I have not played for ages, trying to be a responsible adult and build up a business. Every time a tournament starts I feel nostalgic. Often I yearn for the carefree days of travelling the globe playing in tournaments, eating in restaurants (no dishes), staying in Hotels (no cleaning) and writing my Blog. But then I would not have experienced today's surf :-)

 I will try to lead a more exciting life in 2013 so I have something to blog about a bit more frequently.a
Hasta pronto amigoes

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