Sunday, 29 September 2013

George Trundle Masters Round 2

Today I played my host, Bruce Watson. We have played before and that too was a scrappy game. Last time, in the 2000 zonal, while trying to convert, I blundered with 84.Kg6?? allowing mate in one. Instead Bruce played 84...Qc4?? allowing 85.Qd8 mate!

Today neither of us blundered quite so badly. Bruce sacrificed the exchange for a pawn for more compensation than I realised and the game was within the drawing margin for quite a while. 61....Kf7 was a mistake. Instead after Bf4 black should draw I think. A tough game.

Tomorrow I am playing the super solid Paul Garbett, a player who has given me trouble before so wish me luck :-)

1 comment:

  1. Nice start for you Alex. Dreadful start for Solo though. Would never have believed that an endgame maestro like Solo could have lost a superior, maybe winning, endgame to Hague.