Saturday, 1 August 2015

Jojo the baby crab and his incredible adventure

Jojo's home was a nice beach we humans call Salt beach, just south of Kingscliff after crossing Cudgen Creek. 

Jojo had spent his whole short life living amongst the tidal rocks near the mouth of the creek. There was never a shortage of food as the area is teeming with little snails, sandworms, cockles and other little creatures. Jojo was also on the menu of many larger predators such as birds. Crabs always  keep an eye out for predators and as soon as they see one they skittle under a rock or piece of seaweed. Their camouflage is quite good and they usually get away.   

These tricks may fool birds but a sharp eyed human child is not so easy to hide from. Luckily for Jojo Nina was not interested in eating him. He tried to escape several times, jumping from her hands to the sands below which is a bit like skydiving without a parachute.

Nina was determined to keep her new friend though and Jojo finally settled down when he was given a seashell and a little water to settle down in. Imagine Jojo's surprise when he got to the car! As soon as we got in Jojo hopped out of the shell and scurried into the seat belt buckle. 

Meanwhile we had a conversation with Nina explaining to her that Jojo would not be happy or even survive in a garden or house. He needed the sea, the tide and the rocks, not to mention family and friends. It was all academic though as Jojo was now somewhere in the car. there were nooks and crannies everywhere, between the seats, under the clothes, towels, drink bottles etc. We had little expectation of finding Jojo again.

Suddenly he reappeared, crawling up Nina's arm. Had he lost his fear? Was she just the most familiar thing in the car? Next he explored her hair! When we arrived he was back in Nina's hand and seemed quite comfortable and Nina was reconciled to returning Jojo to his natural habitat albeit several kilometers from his home.

Cabarita beach?

Hastings point?

Nina decided on Cabarita beach, partly because it looked like a nice place to have a swim.

The water was warm and the waves were gentle and Jojo had a new home

Francoise found lots of subjects to photograph while Nina and I tried piggyback bodysurfing. 

Is this an invention?

Just another winters day in OZ :-)

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