Sunday, 27 March 2016

Doeberl Cup rounds 7&8

Yesterday the morning started badly and the game went well, this morning I was informed that I had won the "lucky door prize" which was a $50 voucher for chess books and the game went badly. I had many easy wins and ended up blundering into a draw.

Round 7

I don't know how I talked myself out of 25.Na6 which wins the house. Checks and captures again. Groan.

In this game I should have lost. Dusan refuted my clumsy plan comprehensively but then got his attacking pieces stuck in my position and I finally got the e5 pawn. Yay! more luck than I deserve but I'll take it.

Round 8

We also had a little incident today. Izzat Kanan, the reigning Australian champion spat the dummy after losing last night to Heather Richards and withdrew from the tournament. He was not Ill, just disappointed. The question I put to my readers is this,

 Is Izzat Kanan a pussy?

 I don't know as I have not had the chance to speak to him. You be the judge dear reader. Here is the game for your viewing pleasure.

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