Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Churchie International pictures and game against Caesar

I am working from memory so if I have the move order or something else wrong in the game, well nobody is perfect :-)  Next time we will need to have score-sheets with carbon copies. Churchie's senior tournament advisor (moi) forgot to mention it. (oops)

First here are some great photo's taken by a parent. Sorry, but I haven't been told who yet, will credit when I can. After there is my game against the (co)winner IM James Morris.    

There was a delay with the start of the first round, something not uncommon in chess tournaments. It involved crashing computers, software glitches and wi-fi access problems. This caused some consternation for the arbiters the organiser and some parents. The kids just sat down, played some friendly games and didn't seem to care.

Mobile phones are not allowed in the tournament hall in FIDE tournaments. Peter Long here showing what a mobile phone looked like to clear up any misunderstandings.

Raymond Zhuang looking quite relaxed while Michael Dullaway looks like he is doing some kind of Shaolin mind control.

Yi Lui looks very excited to be playing chess at his old school. To his right is Michael Ostopenko, eating his t-shirt.

Erin Dullaway looks warily at the two black knights near her king.

The top seed IM Moulthun Ly and Clint Therakam both deep in thought.

Harry Potter hypnotising his opponent?

Ok, now to my round 4 game against the second seed IM James Morris. The winner of the Doeberl cup is one of Australia's strongest young players. In preparing for him I was impressed by his imagination and tactical ability. I also noticed that he plays a lot of the same rubbish I do and also plays virtually anything so preparing was useless. In fact the last time we played he started with the kings pawn and in this game he played the English.

Already on the second move the "rubbish" (2...Na4) arrived. Move 3. Nf3 is just bad but that was James's last bad move. Black had a slight edge and could have kept it by playing 15....Bc4 followed by Qe6 or a6. Instead I saw a nice way to force a perpetual and couldn't resist.

Another game and more pictures coming. Toodles :-)

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