Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Nique la SNCF

Have you ever seen a crowd of people stare at a tiny announcement board at a French Railway
station? They are waiting to see from which track their train is leaving. Often this is announced only
minutes before the train is scheduled to leave.

 Today we had to wait until after the scheduled
time. The train was late but nobody thought it neccessary to inform the passengers. The French were used to this so did not Panic. I did.

For many old and less mobile people this must be a nightmare.

The SNCF internet site is likewise useless. If your journey involves more than one connection then
you can just forget it. SNCF employees don't use their own site but go to the German one to find the connections and then book the sections seperately on their own site.

Here is a tip if you are travelling by Train in Europe: will tell you how to get from any place in Europe to any other regardless of how many connections are neccessary. A truly wonderful service and many languages are selectable.

So to conclude, SNCF get your act together or outsource your technological services to the Germans. In exchange you can do the Catering for them. Both would benefit.

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