Monday, 12 April 2010

And the winner is HOU YIFAN

She won in a canter, was never in trouble in any of her games and was a model of concentratioon from the first to the last round. This girl is truly strong. Here she is with the Princess of Perak (I think) and the Chancellor of Mindskills University.
I was amazed at the attention Chess received here in Malaysia compared to Australia. The opening Ceremony was attended by Raja Nazrin Shah, the Crown Prince and many other dignitaries. Here is a short Video of his motorcade arriving and the opening Ceremony

Another Highlight of the event was the stopover of Nigel Short. He gave a 10 player simul on his way to the Bangkok open. A brave man he surely is as the troubles there now are surely enough to dissuade many a more timid soul. Here he is considering his move against Ed Legaspi from the Phillipines.
 Thomas Luther performed according to his rating and finished fifth. Two losses spoiled his chances for a higher place. It was a bit tough to get used to the heat and double rounds especially when rounds start at 9am.
Here he is meeting a Princess.
Apologies for the delay but my old computer had multiple breakdowns. Power supply, Virus etc. Now I need to go give a Simul myself so I can finally win some games. If you are wondering why I didn't mention my tournament......

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