Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Batu Caves

One of the "must see" tourist attractions of Kuala Lumpur are defiantly the Batu Caves.There is a huge Golden Budda at the bottom and a Hindu temple or two but for thorough info I will just refer you to the Wiki page 
The 272 steps up to the top would have been murder on me just a few weeks ago but after being tobacco free for over three weeks I handled it fine.
You do get attacked by Monkeys if you are carrying any food or the Monkeys take a liking to a shiny object you have on or are carrying.

The top three seeds all made the pilgrimage to the Holy site, just in case. Here are two of them, Thomas Luther and HouYifan. The Organiser Peter Long took 16 players on a tour of Kuala Lumpur, something quite unique for a Chess tournament. After the Caves we were treated to fresh Coconuts, then we took a trip to the KL television tower for a view of the City. There was also a Cultural Village there showcasing local Arts and Crafts as well as traditional dwelling. We then took a look at the National Monument before returning to the Hotel at about 5pm. A long but interesting day.
The tournament started this morning and I got off to a flying start winning against Mohamed Abdul Haq 2057 in 27 moves. Later tonight I will try to figure out how best to post games and then share. The second round is in a few hours so I will go have some lunch in Chinatown and post results this evening. Have a Nice day.

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