Friday, 25 June 2010

Le Pin Sec

How about a look at the Beaches near Naujac sur Mer? The closest one is Le Pin Sec, about 12km from our Camping ground. The Beach is littered with WW2 Bunkers built by the Germans to prevent an Allied landing. The Sands of time move these Bunkers every year.

Local Artists decorate the Bunkers turning instruments of war into Art. The majority of this work has now sunk into the Sand but the next Storm may well expose it again. "Stairway to Heaven"?

You may be Curious as to what a "CHESS BURGUER" is. So am I but somehow we risisted the temptation to find out. There are several Restaurants and Fast-food Stalls in Le Pin Sec and we decided to have Pizza instead.

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  1. 9 km - Alex! - it is only 9 km from the camp site to the beach!