Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bluesfest 2012 Cold Chisel

Cold Chisel is world Australia. When I was a teenager I heard them often in Sydney pubs like the Coogee Bay Hotel. It was funny to see these guys who were older than me back then, still rocking and rolling. A sample for you.

It is never easy to miss the Doeberl Cup but apart from the Bluesfest I also promised friends I would not play any Chess before the Chess Olympiad selections are done. There is good reason for this. The last two times I played horribly immediately before the selection process and then gained all my points back as soon as I failed to make the team. 

Apart from that I have not done anything really post-worthy but let me give you some examples anyway.

Learning to operate a whatyoumacallit.

Sailing in Morton Bay with Captain Ahab

Inspecting Goats hooves. Gina was limping so David and I had to hold her down and trim her Hooves. Not as simple as it sounds.

And of course visiting different beaches. This is little Watego's, right under the light house in Byron Bay. If you are around here don't miss this one. Happy Easter all.



  1. I just checked out the Bluesfest lineup - pretty epic! Would recommend Sublime and Slightly Stoopid for some California reggae/rock vibes.
    Looks like you're certainly getting back to nature there, good on ya.

  2. Tonight I just saw Buddy Guy and then Crosby Stills + Nash. Wow!