Friday, 8 June 2012

Tal Memorial

Tal Memorial

I am watching the first round live on the official site. I don't really understand Russian although its a Slavic language like my native tongue Serbo-Croatian. The main reason I am listening is because Chess sounds good in Russian. Similarly I like my food in French and my technical manuals in German.

So now I don't understand the game I'm watching, have no idea what I'm eating and can't figure out how to use my German mobile. As compensation I feel very multicultural.

If you are a member of the Internet Chess Club, ICC, you can listen to GM Larry Christiansen and friends explain the games in English. A lot of Larry's friends, Like Yermo' have Russian accents so you get the best of both worlds.

Darryl Johansen withdraws 

We already suffered the loss of our board 1 Zong-Yuan Zhao and now we have lost another of our three Grandmasters, Darryl Johansen. We have depth though and first IM Steven Solomon and now by one of the next generation, Max Illingworth

DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open 2012

Next a plug for my good friend Peter Long, who has been organising the KL open for several years and is always good for a surprise. Regular readers will surely remember photo's of sumptuous dishes and good company

 from this city which to me is the World Food capital. Peter's surprise this year is the participation of Sergei Tiviakov! Book now to secure accommodation at the Venue. This year the dates are, 17-23 September. Anyway folks, getting back to the games. Sweet dreams 


  1. Why don't you listen to the Tal Memorial English commentary on Not as good as Svidler and Leko two weeks ago, though.

  2. Good tip, thanks Anonymous! Am listening to Ian Rogers now, not just in English, but Australian English :)

  3. According to Rogers tonight you are a poet!

  4. Did not switch on early enough. Damn!