Monday, 30 June 2014

Naujac sur Mer round 2

That unpleasant feeling when you wake up in the morning not knowing when the round is. After watching the penalty shootout between Costa Rica and Greece we stumbled into bed at about 1.30am after a bit too much Bordeaux. So at 9.30am I was not sure if the round was at 2pm or and was forced to get up to check. 2 it was. I used the opportunity to collect some Pan Chocolate so as not to waste the walk.

My game today was not very exciting. I made some simple miscalculations but neither my opponent nor a few reasonably rated spectators missed the quite funny oversight I made. See if you can spot it :-)

Before I let you know the solution let me fill in a few blanks. I haven't yet shown you the car my mate Klaus lent me for the month. It is a 1996 Audi A4 2.6L. I can honestly say that this car is a dream to drive. With on road costs it was 1000 Euro. It also features a great heater with the slight caveat that you cannot turn it off completely :-(  On a hot day this "feature" can be a real pain.

The tournament hall is located next to a field and this Goat happily interacts with children. It eats well and has a very diverse diet.

From the opening ceremony. Rike Armas greeting her online fans.

Ok, now the answer.
All present thought that black couldn't play 14....Nd5 15. Nd5 Be6 because of 16. Qe6 not realising that 16......Qe6 is check! Embarrassing
Ok, France - Nigeria is starting soon. 

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  1. Great blog! Really enjoying it.

    A hint for future reference - pull the fuse for the heating.