Friday, 25 September 2015

Dato Arthur Tan Malaysian Chess Open 2015 Round 7

I have now reached 50% in my personal Indonesian championship :-) Four out of my seven opponents so far have been Indonesians. Luckily this time I played an adult. I got the better of the opening, sacrificed the exchange for a pawn and the two bishops then another pawn, and another, reaching an assessment of 7.7 at one stage. Then one blunder after another led to a queen ending where I was just one pawn up. Finally my opponent gifted me a mate in three. Phew.

Meanwhile on the Junior front, David Liu is going on a drawing spree, getting two draws today, although the first one was due to triple repetition in a superior position. The intention was to repeat twice. Moral of the story. Don't play with your food! Despite missing this half point his performance is nearly 1900

Jacob Chan is on 3/7 performing at nearly 1500. Not bad for his first International open!

That's all for today folks, stay tuned :-)

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