Saturday, 3 October 2015

Queensland Championship 2015

Today we crossed the half way mark of the tournament with Brodie McClymont in the lead on 4.5/5 followed by Gene Nakauchi yours truly. The draw, results and games can be found on the Chesschat site.

The playing room is insulated by thick glass doors. Keeps noise out and lets light in. The benches outside are sort of roped off. 

And inside there is plenty of room to move. We are also playing with the new DGT3000 chess clocks. If there is one little flaw it is the pieces. Some have seen better days. 

Round 4

Eliot made too many pawn moves in the opening and never got his pieces out. 4...Nge7 is one improvement I can suggest.

Round 5

I have not been playing the Alekhines defense regularly for years so I thought it might be worth wheeling out. As soon as black played 15...c5 everything was fine. This begs the question, what if white had played 15.c5 first? White seems to have a useful advantage.

Toodles amigoes, hasta manjana.

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