Friday, 2 October 2015

Queensland Chess Championship 2015

Queensland Chess Championship 2015

It is nice to play chess in the Helensvale Cultural Centre. The building seems fairly new and is roomy, quiet and clean. Now if it wasn't for the morning rounds...

Round 1

Tom Maguire has long been one of Australia's most talented juniors, taking many titles, including if I'm not mistaken, the Australian U16 champion. In this game he committed a "fingerfehler", intending to swap pawns on e5 and then castling. But I did get a chance to play a Queen sacrifice.

Round 2

Charles is first board for Churchie and has been in great form this year. He is a great tactician so I avoided an open position as best I could. Once white got control of the e5 square blacks position looks hopeless.

Round 3

Brodie knows his opening so I thought I'd try a line I can only remember playing from the white side or in blitz. Both sides could probably improve on the opening play. The position got messy and interesting but two mistakes 24...Ng4 ( the immediate 24...bc5 is pleasant for black according to Stockfish) and 26...Qd2. Now 26....Nd4! is 00.00, Seriously?

Time for a few hours sleep before the next 10am round.

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