Monday, 8 January 2018

Mumbai closing ceremony rounds 8&9

Mumbai 2018

Seventeen year old Iranian GM Maghsoodloo Parham drew his last round game with Italian GM Alberto David to clinch first place. He has a very aggressive,  swashbuckling style which impressed everyone.

Alberto and GM Timor Gareyev finished second and third respectively on 7.5, followed by a whole bunch of players on 7 points. The full list can be viewed on 

Excellent articles and pictures of this event and other Indian tournaments can be viewed on the Chessbase India website.

Since there were lots of professional  journalists there I kept my amateur efforts to a minimum, but had to show you this cute video of the little kids dancing.

Vishvanathan Anand, the newly crowned World rapid champion was a special guest, just arriving back in India that day. He gave a simul before the ceremony and gave a short speech to cheering fans.

My own tournament ended as unspectacular as it started with two draws, one from a losing position, the other a winning one.

Round 8.

Since I was playing a sweetly smiling 13 year old girl I thought I'd confuse her with an offset opening, the Nimzowitch defence. Her play, however, was anything but sweet as she proceeded to rip my position to shreds. I only just escaped into a pawn down room ending, which, after twists and turns, I managed to draw by triple repetition, due to her time trouble.


Round 9

Another junior, this time an incessant sniffler. I finally managed to play decently for most of the game, but after reaching an easily winning, exchange up ending, I hesitated, and instead of just putting a rook on a1 and pushing my past a pawn, I overcomplicated the process, in the end blundering a rook to a knight fork. Luckily enough, I was so much ahead, that it was still drawn.

Not my finest result, but...swings and roundabouts.

At least the Masala dosa was waiting for me, and a new discovery. Avocado milkshakes! 😉

So my flight back home, via KL, leaves tonight. I have 12 hours to stuff myself with fine Malaysian cuisine before hitting Aussie beaches. 

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