Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I climbed to the Mountaintop

I woke up this morning to the sound of "Mr Bobby" by Manu Chao, quickly showered, had a five-minute breakfast and then it was time to catch the bus to the Cable-car which took us to a Mountain overlooking Tromso.
Then we walked another half-hour to the Summit. It was a beautiful sunny morning yet cool enough not to make it too demanding. There were thirty two of us from many different countries.

Including Australia and South Africa!
Our Guides brought Coffee and snacks supplementing the meager breakfast I had had due to sleeping too long. After another hour, give or take half an hour we headed back down past some impressive scenery.
Suddenly we spotted a Helicopter. We were all very excited and snapped one photo after another not realizing that the reason was that one of our warriors had fallen. If I am not mistaken it was Mr Christian Hess from Hamburg. He slipped and broke his leg and had to be taken to Hospital. This is his Ambulance

After such an invigorating morning it was easy to play Chess and I managed to beat Frodo Elsness. Maybe a walk in the Mountains should become part of my morning routine :-)

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