Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Norwegian Saga Pt2

I left Tromso on a Monday, energized and ready to explore the mysterious Islands to the north. Legend had it that there was a land there which no Australian Chess-playing Biker had ever been to before. After crossing the Bridge to Kvaloya I turned right (north) in search of this place called Karlsoy Island. After about 30km I came to the Underwater tunnel Klavsundtunnelen, connecting Kvaloysletta to Ringvassoya. It was here that I received my first important lesson of this trip

LESSON: If you are Cycling downhill in a Tunnel and you suddenly can't see a thing  STOP. 

I continued hoping to reach light but instead hit a traffic-cone, going A/T. This did however prevent me hitting a pile of rocks. There was roadwork being done in the tunnel and therefore many of the lights were out. Slightly shaken but not seriously injured I continued to Hessfjorden where I camped for the night. The next morning I continued to Hansnes where I met three wise men from Olso.
We shared some food and some stories. They told me they had just been to this fabled land called Karlsoy and had attended a Festival. They told me I had to take the ship and go for there I would find both what I seek and that which I did not even know I sought.

First I went to the inter-dimensional Tardis-tourist office but got not much help. I decided to ask some of the local residents
who told me to go to Sandvika. Sure enough, there it was, what I had been seeking. A Camping place with a view of the Beach and fresh water nearby. 

Nearby I found signs of previous habitation. This could be the remains a Pre-Festavillian Hippie Civilization

and this must be either their place of worship where they burned herbal offerings to Gaia or just watched Rainbows which also seems like a good Idea

That evening I cooked Rice with some Mushrooms and herbs I had found nearby and watched the Sky

A few days passed before I felt the need to explore a bit further. The mountain was calling me. It had something to show.

Go to the town and buy some more supplies the Mountain said. The shop is open until 2. It was there that I met the Oracle of Karlsoy. She made many predictions ie: "I will leave the Island before you" and I kid you not, they all came true!!

The next day I packed my Tent and got ready to take the Ferry back to reality but Karlsoy had other Ideas. An hour before the Ferry was due to depart the Sky opened and a Storm swamped the Island. I sought Shelter from the Storm in the Houses of the Hippies.
They welcomed me with open arms, fed me with Rice, Oats and Quinoa, played Shamanic Music for me and let me use the Computers as much as my heart desired. I spent two days and nights there (after five in Sandvika) and besides what I already mentioned, watched "Esoteric Agenda" and "Kymatica" as suggested by one of the young Shamans.
Yesterday it was time to leave. The Oracle who goes by many names had left the night before just as she had predicted days before and after breakfast at Hansnes with a fellow traveler I Biked back to Tromso. I put the seventy-five kilometers to Jan Sigmunds farm behind me as if they did not exist. The tunnel presented no challenge this time and by five pm I was there. After a hot beautiful shower Jan pressed the first of many beers into my hand and then fed me until there was room only for some Wine. I was then reunited with my beloved Laptop. We listened to Music, played some Blitz and then I slept like a baby in a warm soft bed. So what wisdom did I acquire from my spiritual journey to Karlsoy? A new appreciation of the trappings of civilization. Hot Showers, warm soft Beds, Wi-fi, Beer etc.  

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  1. Some day I have to find the time to explore Karlsøya! And a few more places as well.

    What the heck am I doing? I'm not on the islands, I'm not on the mountains, and I just a few times in the summer take the boat to fish!

    Jan S