Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back in Croatia

The last time I was in Croatia it was still a part of Yugoslavia, 1987. Since then many things have changed. Some things haven't, the great food, hospitality and the beauty of the Country. Last week my "Homies" from Byron Bay, Pascale, Marlee and Kathy visited me in Munich and we decided to do a Roadtrip.
This is us on a train going through the Karawanken tunnel (no joke!). Our first stop in ex-Yugoslavia was in Bled, Slovenia to check out Blejski Grad where the Ladies took some photo's. It was a team effort.

We spent the night in Ljubljana, the Capital and the next day continued on to Croatia. After an hour in Rijeka, the City where I was born we left for Opatija. Rijeka was a disappointment for me. The city is a mess with roadwork and construction everywhere. We had lunch near the Yacht club in Opatija,
our first meal in Croatia and it was good but nothing like what was to come. We deicided to continue to Ogulin where I lived until I was four years old. Our first taste of Ogulin came when we accidentally tuned into Radio Ogulin and heard good music. I was amazed by how much the town had changed. This sleepy little Village has become a cool place. Not only does it have a great Radio station but a new Town Park, Tourist office, Maps and Info in English, lots of Cafe's and Restaurants and much more. I met some old People in town who knew my Family before they left more than 50 years ago. Sensational! We stayed at Ive's Restaurant just out of town next to a nice lake.
We got up early this morning to go to the scenic highlight of our trip, Plitvice Lakes. On the net you can find many better pictured than mine but here is a taste.

I'm not sure I understand this sign. Only Bears allowed between 11pm and 7am?

Ok, gotta stop, am getting carried away :-) The plan for tomorrow is to take a Boat trip to the Island of Pag so if we wake up early enough I will report tomorrow. Goodnight all.

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