Monday, 13 September 2010

Medieval Market Fuerstenfeldbrueck

 Sunday was a wonderful sunny day in Upper Bavaria so my friends Claudia, Klaus and I decided not to waste it and went to the Medieval Market.
It was held on the grounds of a Monastary and the theme was Orient meets Occident. It was divided into two parts. First the Occident (West)

                                                                 Bee products
Traditional Basketry

Wood turning


Entertainment and much much more. All the Vendors spoke in Old German and wore Medieval Clothing and even quoted prices in old Currency, Thaler instead of Euro which did lead to some short term confusion. The Oriental part was in another Courtyard.

Here one could sit in a tent and drink Arabian Mokka

with delicious cakes (eg Fig fingers)

smoke a Hookah

or ride a Camel. I know a little three and a half year old girl who would really enjoy that :-)
So as  you can see there are lots of things to do in the Five Lakes region in Upper Bavaria especially in Summer. Toodles :-)

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