Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Island of Pag

Well we did get up early enough but the weather was lousy in the morning so no Boat. It cleared up by 11am so we decided to do the trip by Car instead. From Karlobag it is a 70 km trip south to the bridge over to the Island. OUr first stop was Vlasici which is a sleepy little town with a little Harbour and Beach
but it was too windy for comfort so we decided to keep driving to Pag city for lunch

our starter was Pagski Sir, local sheep cheese which the Island is famous for and which according to locals won a gold medal in Paris. It was delicious. Hand-woven place mats were another local offering and there was a bronze statue dedicated to the Artisans who produced them.

All over the Island we saw Stone fencing. We assume they must have at some time served a purpose but what that purpose was or is remains a mystery to us.

 I had an irrisistable urge to go swimming so we headed to the Beach. 

With a full day behind us we headed to the ferry to go back to the mainland

leaving just in time to avoid the storm and were treated to a display of thunder and lightning.

We got to the mainland just as it was getting dark

but luckily we were only 14km from our Hotel and a well deserved rest and Dinner. Tomorrow we are driving back up the Croatian coast to Slovenia and the EU. I feel so at home here and will be back as soon as possible. This is really the country for people who appreciate the good Life, good Food, friendly People, History, Culture and natural Wonders. Hasta Manjana amigo's <3

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