Friday, 31 December 2010

Hastings round 4

Many of England's top players come to Hastings every year and not just for the Chess. There are many side events like the pairs blitz. The combined rating must not exceed 4400. When you pair 2500 with 1900 you get very entertaining games. Since it is held at the Pig in Paradise the atmosphere is great.
Between rounds some players and spectators stand outside in the freezing cold to satisfy various addictions. Here is a selection of Britains finest.
Now to Chess. Today I played Richard Pert with the black pieces. He struck me with a novelty (8.e5) that he had been waiting to spring on someone for a year. My position was so bad that at least one friend stopped watching the live feed as he saw no point in watching me suffer. But through stubborn defense, a few second-best moves from my opponent and one really sleazy trick at the end I managed to grovel a draw. 

Well that's all for this year folks, here is wishing you all a very happy new years eve. I will wait for 2011 at the Pig.

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