Thursday, 9 December 2010

My trip to London has not started  optimally to say the least. First there was security at Munich Airport. You don't need to go to the USA to get a good grope, for the mere price of an airline ticket you can get one in Germany. The amount of security with scary weapons is increasing as well.
Next was Customs in Stansted.  I was asked endless questions for no particular reason. The young Lady seemed unable to understand how one can travel all the time. Perhaps it was just curiosity.
Next day the London classic started and I am playing in the Open. Fellow Australian Shannon Oliver is playing in the Womens tournament and started with a Bang beating IM Susan Lalic. Shannon told me it was he first competitive game in two years!
In the main tournament Luke McShane caused a sensation by crushing Magnus Carlsen
As for me... well the game was just embarrassing. I played atrociously but my opponent missed a few ways early . Just as I was trying to find a way to make my extra pawn count my mobile phone turned itself on. It was in my pocket and I guess something pressed on the on button. Oh well,


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