Sunday, 12 August 2012

Scholar's Mate

I went to Somerville house girls school in Brisbane, where I teach to see how my students are doing. Not all the teams were seated yet and Jana Chehade had already Scholar's mated her opponent and packed up the set! I had arrived too late to take a team photo :( 

Above, Jane Nimmo delivers a delayed Scholars to her opponent only moments later. Milton state school, which had been travelling well until then was now two down with two to play. Parents, if your kids play inter-school chess, make sure they learn this. Click on the link above and replay it for them until they get it. If you yourself have fallen for it, same applies.

Harbourside Markets Simultaneous Exhibition

On Saturday I gave my second simultaneous exhibition in as many weeks at the Harbourside markets. Twenty-four students from various schools sent ambitious youngsters hoping to win a game against yours truly and a few came close but lost focus at some stage. The last "survivor"  won a voucher for $100 at this fine-food centre.

From above
Last week I was again treated to a Helicopter flight. The picture below is of Brunswick heads, my current retirement target. 

Brunswick Heads
And below you see New South Wales to the left and Queensland to the right


After filling up at Coolangatta Airport we headed up to the mountains  via Murwillumbah.


Just felt like I had to share a few of these with you, especially my overseas friends.  I need to look at them sometimes as well to explain why I am living in a country with hardly and chess tournaments. I admit that I am suffering withdrawal symptoms and can't wait for the Olympiad. Speaking of which, it is now 23 days since I decided once again to quit tobacco. So far so good. I will not claim no hiccups but the occasional OP (other persons) should not constitute failure.

Academy news

Welcome to our newly opened store! I have been too busy(lazy) to do much to build the Academy lately and we have been waiting for stock and other things...and been a bit lazy, lets be honest here, but our store has new products!

I will just show you these pieces to wet your appetite. Nice? They are even more spectacular to play with. They are specially weighted so nearly impossible to knock over. To play with these pieces adds extra pleasure to playing a game of chess.

Anyway, no rest for the wicked, soon a group of youngsters will turn up at the Academy for Monday after school chess. Cheerio!

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