Sunday, 26 August 2012

Singapore Chess Academy

Friends, new and old

I made a new friend today. Philip Chan runs the Chess Academy Singapore and invited me for lunch at a great Laksa joint, then to the best sweet shop in Singapore. Its like he's telepathic! Perhaps one day we can have a Academy challenge! Doubleroo Brisbane v Chess Academy Singapore. 

Not only did I make a new friend but found one I had not seen for ages. As it happens Cristine Mariano, a former member of the Filipino national team teaches at the Academy. I caught her at work :)

Chess in schools is really taking off in Singapore as it is in many places in the world. Chess has long been known to increase a whole range of cognitive functions. Thinking made fun :) Philips walls are plastered with pictures of children having fun.  

Airport Comparison

Remember my irate rant about OOL? Well compare that to Changi International Airport in Singapore. I had a choice of counters for checking in.

Same with the security screening. To be fair I did have to queue for nearly a minute for passport control. Plenty of time for shopping, having a drink at the Tiger bar and posting this story with the free, lightning fast Wi-Fi. 

I feel like dancing with joy. This is what travelling should be like...and oh yeh, not a single stupid form to fill out. Singapore, I love you :-)


  1. Singapore is one of my favourite countries to visit.

  2. Trying to work out if Christine Mariano is the same person as I met while in Malaysia last year for the Malaysian/KL Open. Looks like it is... Does she have Facebook? She asked me to add her but I couldn't find her account...