Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Olympiad Opening Ceremony

Team Lunch
Most of the team had arrived by lunchtime so we sat down together to discuss strategy and exchange travel experiences. We were still missing Biljana Dekic and Sally Yu. Both arrived soon after. 

The food was so good that the queue stretched out to the foyer. Former world champions lined up along with unrated players from small island nations.

My favourite part was desert. Turkish desserts are mouth-watering. Stewed apricots filled with almond custard, pistachio and honey pastry, fresh fruit etc etc. I will not admit how many times I went back.

The opening ceremony started with some traditional dancing against a backdrop of a slideshow of some of Turkey's most picturesque tourist attractions. It was very colourful lively and entertaining but I could not help but think of Borat during the performance.   

Stay tuned for more, have a nice day :-)