Friday, 19 June 2015

Cape York via Hell

Today started with ignoring the alarm at 4.45am, luckily woken up at 5.15 and left the house at 5.45. It can only get better after that. Nina and Francoise were scheduled to arrive at 6.10 but the plane was delayed so I got to the airport before they arrived....with three suitcases. Should have brought a truck.

Our first stop was at Coolum beach hoping to catch up with an old friend but he was having a worse morning than me. Hospital is not where one goes to have fun.

We pressed on until Noosa and went for a walk along the coast. A good walk is necessary after a long flight to get circulation back into your legs. ( Disclaimer: This is not medical advice and if your walk kills you don't blame me )

On a completely unrelated topic...

Nina slept from Brisbane to Noosa and then from Noosa to our current location, Hervey bay. But during our walk she covered about twice the distance we did, exploring every rock and tree we came across. A hollow tree is of course too good to resist.

This tame Echidna was about a metre away from the path and surrounded by tourists like us taking its picture. Must be a daily occurrence.  

Many surfers made their way to the beaches along this walk despite the considerable effort required. The majority were silver warriors! The surf must be better than anywhere else.

Great climbing trees these.

Just because

And this would be an inconvenient place to trip.

We also did some shopping to prepare for our camping adventure. Bedding, food and everything else we may possibly need for our sojourn into the wild. We are now "camping" at the Beach Motel which is on the esplanade in Hervey Bay with a spa bath and cable tv. The only downside is the "free" wi-fi has a limit of 100MB. Really??? Nina used that up in no time watching a few music vids on her tablet.

Anyway, from now on we are roughing it :-)

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