Saturday, 20 June 2015

Fudge and ISIS

When our beloved prime minister Tony Babbott  warned us last week that ISIS, aka the Death Cult, was coming for us all I though he was just babbotting unintelligibly and repetitively as usual but now...

It seems that they have already captured a part of Queensland.  

We sought refuge in a cafe in Childers. It is on the highway just as you enter the town and is not easy to miss unless you are distracted by the Dinosaur across the road. You'll see what I mean when you get here.

As you walk in you may want to grab your child if they are tree climbing addicts. This one is too magical to resist.

Francoise and Nina enjoying the Fudge with a Coffee and a Chai (in that order of course)

Just in case you are not sure what the speciality of the house is....

Fay makes the fudge herself and will offer you a piece of any of the many flavours to try, or in Nina's case, all of them. An hour later the sugar rush hit and I was regretting not bringing a lead and muzzle. (Thanks Kay) :-)

Her mother, Elma Hailstone was up from the Barossa visiting. Apparently "Hailstone" is a very common name in Wiltshire. Who want to be a Millionaire, here I come!

We were advised to visit Woodgate, a charming little town not far away. Not being pressed for time we decided to check it out since it is on the way ( sort of ) to Bundaberg anyway.

At the end of the road just past Woodgate you come to Walkers point. A great place to put a boat in the water. It is a great fishing spot as this local can attest.

So we checked into our Camping ground. I then discovered that camping for the three of us would cost $41 (!!) while a comfortable Cabin is $68. A no brainer I thought so we put off pitching the tent for another night.

Later we tried fishing for the first time this trip but all we caught were a few midgee bites and some nice views. Water often = reflections.

The Camera didn't capture the colour properly. The sun was blood-red. Spectacular actually.

Nina, after the first cast, said there were no fish in this river, gave up and collected sea shells. Well she was right and did find some nice shells, a piece of coral and...

The evening was a bit annoying because the free wi-fi didn't work and my phone had no reception. If you don't want to be contactable, go to Woodgate Beach. That's our excuse for polishing off a bottle of white..and a bottle of red.

And finally this morning on our way to Bundaberg we spotted another ISIS compound. We are doomed, doomed I say. The only ray of hope is the ISIS winery. Maybe they'll learn to chill.

We are now in a park next to the river in Bundaberg tethering. Where there's a will there's a way.

Toodles amigoes, until I get online again.

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