Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mt Garnett to Laura via the Misty Mountains

Innot Hot Springs

Australia is a huge country and every few Km's there is something to see. Although we have been selective it has still taken us 11 days to reach this point. This are some of those that we couldn't drive past.

Just 15km's after Mt Garnett we came upon a treasure in the form of the Innot hot springs. They were all the rage when discovered about a century ago. The water was said to have magical healing properties, was bottled and transported all over the world. I'm sure it was just as effective as Homeopathy although that's not a high bar to jump. 

We all got our feet wet although in some places the water was way to hot.

Our next stop was Atherton, but on the way we noticed a tourist drive signposted the Misty Mountains. For an old Led Zepp tragic it was irresistible. I cannot remember the name of this waterfall but it was glorious. Will cheat and edit if I recall.

The Curtin Fig was another attraction too good to miss.

Why am I thinking " Hippy Ent"?

By the time we got to Atherton I was ready to relax a bit and the rain was a good excuse to book a room. Unfortunately most things locally were booked out due to the beginning of school holidays but bookings.com offered a special "suite" for $85! in Cairns. Oh well, again I did not manage to avoid driving at night so off we went. Not exactly according to plan. I guess "suite" means different things to different people but the New Chalon, adjacent to the Bruce highway was at least clean and comfy.

This morning we drove to Cairns esplanade wandered around for a while, met a friend in Port Douglas and made sure that our 4 hour journey to Laura which started at 10am somehow took almost 9 hours, which meant more than an hour driving in dangerously dark conditions again. Will I learn before I hit a Roo or Cow (without a bullbar) ? I guess we'll find out.
I finally got my Telstra sim working, Telstra being the only carrier with a significant rural presence. I am now tethering from my Ipad. I can now go weat again with confidence :-)

Anyway, now we have made it to the area where we can pursue our main two objectives. To see the worlds oldest art and catch a Barra. Wish us luck :D

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