Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cape York Dreaming


As Cape York is named by the traditional owners is an awe inspiring  place. Although, as you can see below, it is very picturesque, what left the deepest impression on me were the plaques like the one pictured, that are placed in the rocks of the headland. Trevor dreamed all his life of visiting the Cape but judging from the inscription, he and many others never got around to it. I may be reading it wrong and I hope I am.

I must admit that Pajinka was never high on my bucket list but reading there memorials made me think about mine. Will I ever get around to visiting Machu Picchu or cycle around Tierra del Fuego?
How about something much easier, Angkor Wat? I have been a few hours drive away several times and have always had something more important to do. How many times have I been to New Delhi and not made the effort to see the Taj Mahal?

We are not immortal and living our dreams must be the first priority. 

Cable Beach

But let me start at the beginning. Due to our extended swim at fruit bat falls we didn't get to Bamaga until mid afternoon. I hadn't booked any accommodation and decided just to drive to Punsand  Bay camping. Surely they would have something. Nope, but the owner was nice enough to direct us to a Bush camping spot not far away. Since there were no signs, just a red rag tied to a tree, there was still a spot vacant. School holidays.

The camping was rough, no facilities, but the location was quite special.

Dawn the next morning.

A few hours later we arrived at the tip.

The most northern Trees in Australia?

We were told not to swim anywhere around the cape as there is a 19 foot Crocodile called Gary who patrols these beaches. Nina just accidentally "fell" in the water and it took her a while to regain her footing.  

And this is the photo which cost us two magnificent fresh Crayfish. A local man had sold them to us just a few minutes before. I placed them on our esky when the sunset was pointed out to me. I rushed to take the photo and in the few minutes I was away from our tent a dog pinched them. It is a nice picture but hardly worth the Cray's. 

We are now back in Laura after spending a night in Coen again. The Car suffered a broken rear spring and we had to wait until the next afternoon to get it fixed. Wrong part, long wait, exhorbitant price but we got back on the road and made Laura just in time to have dinner before the State of Origin decider which ended in humiliation for NSW :D

I may add more pictures at another time and a faster connection. Meanwhile we need to check out of the Laura Hotel and visit Split Rock, another rock art site. 


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