Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Coen to the Jardine River Ferry

Archer River

Coen is a funny place. The vibe is different from Laura. Firstly it is more "multicultural", whatever that means. The "Sexchange Hotel" is a meeting place for all with a rather chaotic but friendly camp ground ("wherever you want" ),some rooms. More on this den of iniquity in a later post. We experienced little of it on the way up as we arrived late at night, pitched our tent after finding a place with some difficulty and making dinner. Then I wrote my previous post and it was time for Bed. 

We got up quite early as we were still dreaming of reaching the ferry that day. We were warned about the Archer river roadhouse. It has the most expensive petrol we came across on the peninsula , well over $2 a litre. The coffee is....well, not coffee as we know it.

Just past the roadhouse however is a free camping spot and this nice little river. We took a dip and took some pics.

Archer River

My favourite feature was this tree, growing out of another tree of another kind. Never seen that before!

If we had had more time we would have stayed here. The Lockhart river was on my wish list.So much to see, so little time.

These huge termite mounds are everywhere.

Bramwell Station

By now it was clear we were not going to reach the Ferry in time and stoppped for the night at the Bramwell Station. To our great surprise the annual festival was taking place. There were lots of kids activities taking place so we stayed so Nina could take part in the Foot race, the Egg and Spoon race  jelly eating...

Nina did not do well in the jelly eating because her french palette clashed with the jelly and the foot race was 8-12 year olds (4th anyway) but the shone in the Talent quest (U10 div) coming 2nd. This meant she was in the final and we had to stay another day. She finished 3rd winning $50

Fruit bat Falls

We finally got back on the road on Sunday morning. The show was fun but after a weekend where Dagwood dogs were the best commercial food option....

One of our fellow campers (who made us a nice dinner on Friday night. suggested we should stop at these falls. Words fail me so just the pictures will have to do.

Nina didn't want to leave even after more than three hours but eventually we got back in the Car heading north.

Jardine River Ferry

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