Friday, 10 July 2015

Atherton to Ayr

Chief Blogging Bull?

Before I begin our latest travel report I feel obliged to share something with you my treasured readers. I have some Native American genes courtesy of my biological dad whom I did not have the good fortune to meet. Very few people know this, not because I am ashamed of it but because I do not want to brag! I don't feel that a few genes gives me the right to claim membership of such a glorious culture. I now know I am looking at this all wrong.

Last night I wandered over to a group of young travelers hoping to get some help connecting to the wi-fi. I swear it was not to bum a smoke or try to chat up the the pretty German girls. Really truly.

They turned out to be very friendly, got me connected, offered me a rollie and asked about our trip. One young man of a slightly darker complexion felt obliged to "admit" that he was part Aboriginal but not like "the rest of them". He had gotten good grades in school, had an apprenticeship and had never been on welfare. I showed him our pictures on the iPad and told him how people from all around the world came just to see his ancestors art and culture. He seemed to feel better and I hope it lasts. So sad that young people in an attempt to fit in would distance themselves from their heritage.

I take this opportunity to once again plug " First Footprints ". 

Ok, back to the trip. I was nervous yesterday morning. Our Car was leaning a bit to one side and several people I had asked had told me it was a big job, probably expensive, the new part had to be shipped from Melbourne etc, etc. The parts fellow at Mitsubishi Mareeba sent me to see Wilkinson engineering so first thing I went in to see what they could do. Curly, the Boss, and one of his lads got a jack and a crowbar and in a few deft movements, Voila! Have a safe trip, no charge!!

I collected Francoise and Nina from the Motel, dropped a Carton at the Garage and continued to Innisfail with a broad grin on my face. 

If you ever take this road make sure you stop at the Mungalli creek dairy. After a few weeks in Far north Queensland, truly a culinary desert, we were so happy to have a real coffee, real milk, real cheese, etc.


I remember being overwhelmed by the beauty of this town 30 years ago. I thought of moving here then but on my way back to Sydney I had a little mishap and haven't made it back until now. This is Flying fish Point. The Cafe serves great seafood at a very reasonable price. Doubleroo rating 5*

Little Wallabies graze peacefully on the front lawns. Can you spot the Joey?

This is the Cassowary coast so be wary :-)

Water trees! Wow!

Further on down the road we stopped for a break at Cardwell. With more time we might have stayed here but with Brisbane still a long way and School starting next week we pressed on.

One last picture for you from some lookout between Cardwell and Townsville. After this it was too dark and not much to see.

Townsville was too popular ( expensive ) so I pulled up in the Centre of the city and searched for something a bit more reasonable. That's how we ended up in Ayr. 
Time to explore our destination :D

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