Thursday, 31 March 2011

Farmers Market Byron Bay

The Farmers Market is an institution in the Shire and is one of the reasons why I consider the quality of life here unsurpassed anywhere on the planet that I have been. Having access to food directly from the farm grown without pesticides or fertilizers is priceless. Also it's educational.  I had never seen a Ginger plant before! Here they are.
I am still not eating, it is day nine of my fast and I don't feel sufficiently detoxed yet. I guess after eighteen months of toxing (that is how long it has been between fasts) it takes a bit longer. Well one can still window shop.
I wonder if the Simpsons can sue for copyright of the name "Rancho relaxo" :-)
Local Banana's were only a fraction of the price they were in the supermarket. Since the floods in Queensland fruit and vegetable prices have been a bit volatile. 

Organic meat can also be bought here including Goat but not my favourite, Roo! There is an organic butcher in Byron who sells all kinds of exotic game like Crocodile, Possum etc. We'll go there after my fast.
Ice blocks are of course popular with the Kids.
And locally grown Coffee for the adults.
At every market you will find music. Not only are there performers playing and selling their CD's like this chap here but quite often a whole crowd of locals gets out drums, flutes, tambourines etc and a wild witch-dance takes place. 
On the Health front, Wednesday I went to get "sliced" so now i have to wait until Tuesday for the results. One other nice thing about living in Australia. If you are Ill or need to see a Doctor for any reason you just go to your local medical center and show your Medicare card.
 Long live Universal Health Care!  


  1. Your "off-cut" must have been benign else the Doc would have been on the phone!

    Btw - bananas were beautiful :-)

  2. Darling,
    WOnderful photos. lookslike it cleared up a little. What is getting " sliced" which you are awaiting results from ?? Looks like it was a great market..........
    keep us posted,

  3. "Sliced" is getting the top layer of skin removed and sent to the Lab to see why it is a strange colour or shape.

    1. Farmer Market In Byron Bay is the famous market in Australia. Here we get variety of foods, fruits, vegetables. Thanks for sharing.