Friday, 1 April 2011

Fingal Head

Fingal Head is just south of the Queensland border about thirty minutes drive from Byron. The lighthouse is worth a look. We don't have many structures from 1872 in Australia. 
One may question the magnificence of our lighthouses

but not our beaches :)
My nephew Cameron and his trusty sidekick Buddy 
were kind enough to give me a guided tour of the nature reserve.

These trees had big fruit growing on them, I have no idea what, sorry.

and I also have no idea what to call this geological formation

although I should having studied Geology...for 6 months.
But I can tell you that you are looking at Cook Island, a nature preserve. There don't seem to be many shops in the area and even the residential housing is so well hidden that you don't notice but here is one
where you can have a coffee, food, information, tours and many other things. Across the river ( Tweed )   

 is Queensland (more or less). Quite a few houseboats can be seen along along the river. Actually that does not sound so bad! I have to find out what the plan is in case of flood or tsunami. Ok, that's my homework for next week.


  1. I spent a lot of time in northern NSW when much younger and that tree was known there as "breadfruit", although there is another tree native to the Philippines that is better known by that name.

    Rock formation looks like columnar basalt.

  2. Thank's Kevin,

    Can breadfruit be eaten?