Thursday, 26 January 2012

Australia Day

The last week has been a bit busy, what with Wijk aan Zee  going on not to mention Queenstown.
 Every three years this little New Zealand city has hosted the southern Hemisphere's best Open tournament. Darryl Johansen has surprised everyone including himself with another spectacular performance.
 Meanwhile Levon Aronian has been blowing away the opposition in Holland. Watch him explain his game against Anish Giri here. This is must see entertainment and the fact that it takes place in the middle of the night is unfortunate but.... 

Luckily I am doing a Small Business course in the mornings so I can catch up on much needed sleep then. We have had torrential  rain this last week and many parts of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales have had to be evacuated. 

After many days of virtually uninterrupted rainfall today the sun shone through. Just in time for Australia Day.
Here are a few pictures of the aftermath  of mother nature's fury in our area. Tomorrow the rains are said to continue.

Fellow Northern rivers chess player Justin Adams allowed me to post this photo. He has a brand new lake on his property.

Brunswick river is a bit higher than usual.

Lots of firewood has been washed ashore. Yay! Beach party!

These birds usually feed elsewhere. Perhaps the river washed some earthworms onto the beach?


A Sand-crab busily trying to make a home. 

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  1. Great pics friend, good to see them ! Keep us posted !