Saturday, 7 January 2012

Australian Chess Championship round 10

Yay! Finally won a game again :-) After three draws I felt I needed to play sharply so I wheeled out 1.e4.  My opponent played the Caro -Kann defense which is notoriously drawish. The line I played was the sharpest I could think of. Bill neglected his development just as I had yesterday and never got to castling. Bad news in an open position.

Darryl Johansen beat Akshat Khamparia and secured himself at least a share of first place. For a full scoretable and draw click here. My win today has allowed me to play on board one tomorrow albeit two points behind my opponent. Purely theoretically I could still share second! Am I an optimist or what :-)  

Tune in tomorrow for the final round. Here is the link.

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