Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Australian Championship round 8

One of the main reasons that I came to Geelong was to catch up to old friends or that's what I am telling myself now that the tournament is not going that well :-) This morning I had coffee with one of the oldest and dearest, Katrin Alajova Kusznirczuk. Katrin is a twice former World Chess Champion, having won  the girls U16 in 1986 and the U18 in 1989. She also won the Australian Women's Championship in 1992 the same year I won the Championship. 20 years later she still looks as good as ever.

Unfortunately she like many other Australian chess players no longer plays but why is a story for another day. There is also no Women's  championship for her to play in even if she had wanted to take the title again. Like I said, another day.

Ben was the hero of the day, winning in spectacular fashion against Sydney chess organiser and enthusiast Trent Parker.

I had another exciting game against our Indian participant. Akshat won the strong Sydney international last year in spectacular style and performed very well in the Doeberl cup as well coming 4th and scoring an IM nornm in both tournaments. A tough opponent. We had a very sharp game with chances for both sides. I guess a draw was a fair result.

Three games to go and Darryl Johansen is a point ahead of the field and looks to be cruising to victory. If he does close it out it will be a fully deserved victory. Tomorrow is a rest day and another chance to look around a bit. Toodles amigoe's.

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