Sunday, 1 January 2012

Australian Championship round 6

Well folks, not a great way top start the year. I played a talented young player from Canberra who was not showing his best today. He thought a long time in the opening, played some dubious moves and got a lost position with no time in the clock by move 15. By move 20 he was 2 pawns down and playing on the increment while I had more than half an hour.

I was already expecting to win and natural endorphin's flooded my brain. This is a dangerous time for a chess player because it can lead to the oversight of the most basic moves. In this case a check. I did not see 32.Qe8 check after which I am mated. That is how you can throw away a tournament. A single moment of carelessness. I must give credit to Junta for finding ways to continue the game with no time and no position.

What is the lesson from today's game? Since I have been doing this kind of thing since I was a teenager.... Old habits die hard? I am not learning from my mistakes? Time to retire? No, Chess is only a game :-)

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  1. Hello Doubleroo,
    I think some crazy person has hacked your blog and added the comment -"Chess is only a game :-)". Lucky we know the true, Chess is Life, and hopefully your readers already know this true too