Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Castling Queenside

Losing three games in a row is sometimes referred to jokingly as castling queenside. Don't feel obliged to play through these games. I am forcing myself to post them because one should not only record glorious victories but ignominious defeats as well. In theory one should learn from them. Exactly what I am supposed to learn is not entirely clear to me right now. Anyway....

Round 5
I was let back in the saddle against Zambia after recovering from the Flu as they are not considered too dangerous. My young opponent did not seem that threatening and I quickly built up a large advantage with a nice pawn sac. 33Nc5 or 34Nc5 or 35Nc5 would have finished the game nicely but I drifted a bit, got into increment territory and eventually lost. Oh well...

Round 6
I was allowed to play again in the hope that I would break the drought. I completely misplayed the opening not knowing what to do with my pieces and then walked into a mate near the time control. Didn't really get a look in.

Round 7
My Captain felt that I would eventually show some form but this game .... what can you say when you get mated in 23 moves? I think I will get rested tomorrow. I seem to be a bit punch drunk.

Don't shed too many tears for me my friends, I have had terrible results before and have always bounced back. If I had one wish it would be that it had not occurred in a teams event.

Thanks for watching,


  1. I admire your optimism after each loss :)

  2. You'll be back Alex .

    You're suffering from the after-effects of flu and now have to deal with punch drunkenness .

    Even the title miss-spelling/typo of 'Castling ' reveals that The Doubleroo is not quite himself .

  3. Yes, I agree with Jimmy: admirable optimism, Alex.

  4. Sorry that both you and Smurf didn't have the best of Olympiads. Hope you both bounce back soon.