Tuesday, 8 July 2014

48 Bottles of Fine Medoc

Technique is important, be it for winning a pawn up rook ending or securing  
one extra bottle of wine at the weigh-in. I did manage to equal the weight of 96!! bottles but as I was only second on tiebreak (three of us tied on 7/9) I only got half that amount.

IM Merijn Van Delft won the buchholz shootout which was fair enough as he had the lead going into the last round. 

But for a while it looked as if Martin Van Dommelen would overtake me too as my early opponents had a bad day, several losing to lower rated opposition. Luckily I was not there as I preferred to increase my weight by eating and drinking at the Camping La Rochade. People were dropping by occasionally to report on results. 

Finally a group photo of all the prizewinners. 

Another "Open de Vins de Medoc" is over click for final standings.
Will the tradition continue? everybody seems confident. The Major has been reported to say that Chess and Naujac are inseparable, the Club has just been promoted to the 1st National league and the new owners of Camping la Rochade seemed to enjoy the presence of many chess players.

I'll keep you informed :-)  

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