Friday, 4 July 2014

Round 6 and the Maison des Gourmands

Yesterday was busy but a great day. In the morning we went to the beach which is always a good way to lift the mood. Our game started at 2pm so there was no hurry but since we had a one round change of venue some complications needed to be overcome, like where is it and how do we get there. The Chateau itself was a great place to play chess.

Telling your kids not to climb things is a waste of time

Merijn Van Delft missed the wine tasting as his opponent forced him to prove his endgame technique with a massive material advantage.

Wine is a religion in Medoc.

Rike and Jules enjoying the wine. 

We were given a tour of the winery. I was especially taken with the ancient exhibits.

Now to my game. I was playing an old friend, Manuel Larand. He has quite a provocative style and I am easily provoked so a wild game was almost guaranteed and so it came to pass. I thought the game was in the bag when Manuel came up with the great plan Nc8,a7,b5,c3 when all of a sudden I couldn't protect my e pawn. Time to burn the bridges :-)

Instead of Qc7, giving me the e pawn with check, he should have just played Qe8. Am not sure how to assess that position.

Now the day got really good. I picked up the family and we went to the wine tasting. After we gave Manuel a lift home as his ride had left and when we dropped him off his host, Jean-Renauld Lagunes, invited us in for an aperitif :-)

Warning, accepting an invitation for a simple "apero" could lead to an offer you can't refuse, like a 5 star gourmet dinner :-)

JR lives in the middle of the best wine area near a village called Cissac. The houses are ancient with huge wooden beams and high ceiling and very thick walls. 

Our evening started in the garden with wine and charcuterie.

Then for the Main course JR, who is by the way the president of the Bordeaux chess society, threw some entrecote on some burning sticks for a few minutes. The gentleman standing, whose name I unfortunately don't remember, is a fine judge of wine. It was he who recommended an unbelievable gewuertztraminer for the apero. I will drink his recommendations anytime. 

I hope today will be half as good. In about 30 minutes I have to play the second seed with black so this game could have a big influence on my haul of wine this year :-)

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