Sunday, 6 February 2011

Long and whining road

Finally I am back in Germany on the beautiful Worthsee and there is no noise! Since my last post life has been a bit hectic. After little sleep I woke to the noise of construction on friday morning and had to pack and clean up the Flat. Also no Coffee. I then went to the Caletta to meet up with Stuart Conquest who was kindly giving me a lift to Malaga. Also Vaness Reid and the winner of the Gib Open Vassily Ivanchuk. We saw Stu off and then went looking for a Hotel as all three of us were flying out the next day. I hadn't booked a hotel figuring we could just go to the tourist office and book one. Great plan but 5.30 pm is too late for the Malaga international airport tourist office. Great! And no board or other info. Now it was Vassily's turn to come up with a plan so he suggested we just ask a cabdriver. Another good plan in theory. He took us to a hotel in Torremolinos.....that was shut. We then trudged off in search of an open one, poor Vassily dragging his extremely heavy suitcase with a broken wheel behind him. Eventually we found a "package holiday hellhole" hotel, checked in and went to a nearby fish restaurant for a pleasant meal. The company and the food was good and we soon forgot our ordeal.
Next morning after a very noisy breakfast it was back to the Airport for my Lufthansa flight to Munich. The other two had already left well before I woke up.
It was good to be back in Munich. It feels like home these days. Only snag was having to get up at 7.30 am Sunday morning for a long drive to Ingolstadt. Five hours sleep  and we were off. The game looks like a morning round as well (groan) but I did manage to somehow eventually win.

The team won the match as well and now we are nearly safe from relegation. I play for Weilheim and this is our team
I also cant resist showing you s photo of our glorious leader, Franz Gessl, simply because he just looks so happy after our important win.
But there is no rest for the wicked and as soon as we got back home I started work on an article for a magazine with a monday-morning deadline. Being tired and word-processor illiterate didn't help but by 4am it was finished. Finally a good nights sleep lies before me.
Anyway folks, I'm sure you've heard enough of my whining for one day so I wish you all a good night.

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  1. We hope you had a good trip back and hope to see you soon Alex!Sue & Ga