Saturday, 12 February 2011

Weilheim Chess Club and Old Town

My Club in Germany, Weilheim in Oberbayern has a Junior training night every friday with an advanced class and a beginners class. Last night I gave a lecture to the Kids on the Cozio variation. I have no games played by Cozio in my database so I wonder why it carries his name. Adolf Andersson played it regularly so I renamed it the Adolf defence which the Kids found really funny for some reason. He lost most of the games he played with it though. In his match against Gustav Neumann he won one and lost four. Gustav himself adopted it later with considerably more success as did Steinitz and then Blackburn.

I spent the night in Weilheim and then was taken for a guided tour by my Host and Weilheim Chess Clubs glorious leader Franz Gessl who you met two posts ago. Here he is in Weilheim's Marienplatz. Last year the city celebrated its 1000 year Jubilee and the local Brewery brought out a special beer for this occasion. For historical research reasons I was obliged to sample a few.
Weilheim is the sister city of Narbonne and every year in summer they have a French week with lot's of stalls and performances right where Franz is standing. There is a bit of a competition as to who's house is th most beautiful. Since this one has Jesus above the entrance we will call this Gods house

and this one the Devil's abode. Please vote for your favourite.

Many house also have paintings on the walls.
Now for the Chess fanatics I will include a game from the last Queenstown tournament which featured Adolf's defense. If I had managed to win this game I would have won $3000 NZ more. Oh well, fun game anyway. 

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