Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gibraltar Chess Congress 2011 Round 8

I woke up relatively early today and found out why the Apartment block is named "Sunrise View". It was impossible to sleep because the very bright Sunshine could not be blocked by the rather flimsy Curtains. So I went for a walk in the Town center which is very Nice. Once upon a time it was only possible to enter this fortress through one single gate. Unlikely? Here is written proof!
This leads to Casemates  square which has some nice Pubs, Restaurants, a Tourist Office and Shops.
I strolled around the British looking Streets for about an Hour or so. Bemusing is the fact that almost every second Shop is a Tobacconist and/or Liquor store. This is because Gibraltar is a Tax free Zone. aka Tax Shelter. Funny was this Guy guarding the Convent. He stood like a Statue for a while and then marched across the Entrance like a wind-up Toy a few times and then went back to his Statue impersonation. 
Then I caught the Bus (free for Chessplayers) to the Caletta
which must have one of the most Beautiful views from the playing Hall anywhere! My Opponent was Cuban-Spanish GM Alexis Cabrera. We had a very exciting game. I spent oodles of time on move 17 looking for a forced win, did win the exchange ( Rook for Minor Piece for non Chessplayers) but he had enough activity to draw. I suspect an Engine will tell me where I could have gotten a large advantage but if it takes an Engine it doesn't really count does it. Still haven't checked.

After the Game we were treated to Nigel Short in the Commentary Room. He was in a good mood as you can see in this short Video.

Tomorrow Korchnoi!

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