Thursday, 3 February 2011

Gibraltar Chess Congress 2011 Round 10

I woke up in a foul mood this Morning. I had imbibed copious quantities of Red Wine last night while chatting and watching Simon Williams and Gawain Jones play 3 minute Contra.Joe Gallagher also joined us and we swapped many stories, none of which i can repeat on this "Family Channel".
After only a few hours sleep the construction outside woke me well before the alarm. The backwards warning sound of the Caterpillars and the Jackhammers was bad enough but the Building also shook sickeningly.
Next I noticed that we only had De-caff left. If I had some non-fat milk and artificial sweetener I could have made the Worlds most disgusting Beverage. I was saved by my Flatmate Ali who had some packets of Instant. I hate Morning Rounds.
I got to the Board to find out I was playing an Opponent who needed to beat me with Black for an IM norm. "This Game is really important to me" he said. "If I win I get an IM norm". Bit of Advice. NEVER give your opponent Information that might be useful to him. Did he think I was Santa? Anyway now that I knew that he was obliged to go Nuts I knew that I did not need to. His attempt was quite sad.

After this I felt better :-) Nothing cheers a Sadist(all Chessplayers) up more than inflicting suffering on others. I then had some Breakfast (3pm) and watched the battle for the top prizes unfold. Ivanchuk had a nice technical win against Friedman but the Game which really Impressed me was Short's win against Bologan. With Black he played an opening that I simply don't understand why anybody would voluntarily play and seemed to win quite smoothly. Worth a look. So tonight is the prize-giving followed by a Reception and hopefully too much Red Wine. Seeya :-)

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